Our charcoal masks absorb and remove 2.5 times more dirt than a regular face mask and draws out dirt from deep within your pores. We only source the highest quality ingredients to go into our masks — so we know you will get the most out of them. Our masks contain no nasty chemicals, parabens, sulphates, silicones or fragrances and are cruelty free.

activated charcoal + coconut face mask
activated charcoal + coconut mask
Regular price $15.00

Formulated for oily, acne prone skin, ridding your pores of blackheads and pesky pimples.

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aussie white clay + apricot face mask
aussie white clay + apricot mask
Regular price $16.00

Combatting premature ageing, fine lines, dark circles and large pores. 

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Our line of luxe masks are made from a combination of the highest quality ingredients. Using quality oils, extracts and clays with charcoal, each luxe mask offers a specialised treatment to suit your skin type.

aussie sea clay + green tea face mask
aussie sea clay + green tea mask
Regular price $29.00

A deep, gentle exfoliation to unclog your pores, rid your skin of dead skin cells and excess oils. With a slight hint of peppermint to leave your skin feeling tight, tingly and minty fresh.

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aussie pink clay + rose face mask
aussie pink clay + rose mask
Regular price $29.00

Unleash your natural glow, stimulate collagen and detoxify your skin with our limited-edition mask — here for a good time, not a long time.

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