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I actually LOVE this mask. I got it sent to me months ago and thought it was some weird fad thing. It's actually amazing! I ran out :( so I'll order some more! But just letting you know I think it's awesome!!

Kayla Itsines (kayla_itsines)

My favourite mask is the aussie pink clay + rose oil. It smells absolutely divine and my skin feels sensational so rehydrated and rejuvenated. 

Big Review TV

I used Blackout Mask throughout my first pregnancy + love that it keeps my skin hydrated and smooth. It is one of the best natural face masks I’ve ever used, my skin has never felt so soft. 

Sarah Stage (@sarahstage)

Everybody should buy this product!!! This has been the only face mask that I have used on my skin that doesn’t sting and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and healthy! Totally in love! The perfect combination of ingredients for that perfect skin look.

Casey Roser

Blackout is my go-to face mask, I love that it is mess free and comes with an application brush + towels.

Chloe Belchamber (@weekendmuse)

Leaves my skin feeling amazing! Love that it is made out of all natural ingredients and the little brush that is included makes application so easy! Forever apart of my skincare routine now.

Louise Milroy

I am very conscious about the products I choose to put on my skin. I love that Blackout Mask ingredients are natural and simple. Highly recommend as an addition to any beauty regime.

Gemma Crank

The move to the big city has not been kind on my skin, extra grime in the air is causing havoc. But my Blackout Mask has changed all of that. Big tick from me. 

Reece Carter (@herbnerdreece)

I absolutely love these new blackout mask wipe off towel’s. They are a lot more gentle on my skin. A lot better than using a face washer. I love how it just expands when you put it under warm water, it was a lot of fun



Our charcoal masks absorb and remove 2.5 times more dirt than a regular face mask and draws out dirt from deep within your pores. We only source the highest quality ingredients to go into our masks — so we know you will get the most out of them. Our masks contain no nasty chemicals, parabens, sulphates, silicones or fragrances and are cruelty free.

activated charcoal + coconut face mask
activated charcoal + coconut mask
Regular price $15.00

Formulated for oily, acne prone skin, ridding your pores of blackheads and pesky pimples.

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aussie white clay + apricot face mask
aussie white clay + apricot mask
Regular price $16.00

Combatting premature ageing, fine lines, dark circles and large pores. 

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Our line of luxe masks are made from a combination of the highest quality ingredients. Using quality oils, extracts and clays with charcoal, each luxe mask offers a specialised treatment to suit your skin type.

aussie sea clay + green tea face mask
aussie sea clay + green tea mask
Regular price $29.00

A deep, gentle exfoliation to unclog your pores, rid your skin of dead skin cells and excess oils. With a slight hint of peppermint to leave your skin feeling tight, tingly and minty fresh.

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aussie pink clay + rose face mask
aussie pink clay + rose mask
Regular price $29.00

Unleash your natural glow, stimulate collagen and detoxify your skin with our limited-edition mask — here for a good time, not a long time.

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