How many masks are in one packet?

You will get up to 5-6 masks out of your one Blackout Mask packet. They come in a 50ml spout pouch and an application brush.

How long do I leave it on for?

We recommend you leave your mask on until it dries, which should take about 20 minutes.

How do I store my Blackout Mask?

Please store your Blackout Mask in a dark, cool place. We found under our bathroom sink to be the best place – plus it has easy access! Also ensure you keep the lid on nice and tight so it doesn’t dry out.

Will my Blackout Mask go out of date?

Blackout Mask is made out of all natural ingredients, so we recommend using your mask within 3 months of opening.

What if I get my mask in my eyes?

Blackout Mask is not for your eyes so keep the mask out of the eye area. If it gets your eyes, rinse thoroughly and avoid rubbing your eyes. If irritation occurs seek medical assistance immediately.

Can I use Blackout Mask while pregnant?

Yes as Blackout Mask is 100% natural it is safe for pregnancy. However, we do recommend you consult your doctor before trying new products and do a skin patch test before applying to your full face.

Both Sarah Stage (US) and Tammy Hembrow (AUS) used Blackout Mask throughout their pregnancies to keep their skin clear and flawless.

Oh no, I think I’m allergic to Blackout Mask!

If you have an allergic reaction discontinue use and seek medical assistance immediately. We recommend you always do a patch test before a full face mask.

Is Blackout Mask tested on animals?

Nope! We would never test Blackout Mask on our furry friends – they are too cute. We are cruelty free!

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