Blackout - aussie white clay + apricot mask
aussie white clay + apricot mask
aussie white clay + apricot mask
aussie white clay + apricot mask

aussie white clay + apricot mask

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Skin feeling a little dehydrated? Maybe a bit sensitive? By using our hand crafted Australian made formula, our Aussie White Clay & Apricot Face Mask will help to shrink your pores, eliminate dark circles and turn back the clock to help rid some of those pesky fine lines.

As we get older it is important to keep your skin hydrated, using our mask once or twice per week will keep your skin looking young – what more could you want?

  • Assists in reducing fine lines
  • Helps eliminate dark circles
  • Softens and detoxifies skin
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Mess free application
  • 100% natural ingredients 

White Mask Ingredients - Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Activated Charcoal, Australian White Clay, Apricot Oil, Titanium Dioxide.

Customer Reviews

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Ohhh yes ladies and gentlemen the wait is over, i #eview and try @blackoutmask apricot whiteclay mask on my youtube channel.
Please check it out blackout are a quality company and im very happy to invest in their product


white clay & black charcoal masks from @blackoutmask


This mumma needed some body lovin this afternoon - face was loved by @blackoutmask white clay to help me with the fine line situation 😍 feeling like a million dollars!


When you just can't choose one @blackoutmask ! ✨🖤 blackmask: activated charcoal + coconut 🌴🌰 whitemask: aussie white clay + apricot 🍑 #blackoutmask


Happy weekend mummas, we made it! Here at TLH HQ weekends are for face masks and we currently love this Aussie White Clay and Apricot one by @blackoutmask Anything to get messy right?


Who else loves the @blackoutmask products? I've been loving the white clay and apricot mask it's so soothing on my skin!


Beauty sleep and face masks: because showing up to brunch on time is overrated
[Staff pick: @blackoutmask Aussie White Clay & Apricot]


Clay face masks ⚪️🖤 clay has really helped to improve my skin after it’s hormonal freak out these past few months... my body is still trying to rebalance itself nearly a year and a half on from stopping the pill after being on it for soo goddamn long! I am seriously happy that I am finally getting on top of it and can tell you that for me personally regular use of honey, tea tree, apple cider vinegar, clay and charcoal have been the best things for it!!


blackout: aussie white clay and apricot mask
use for: shrink pores, hydration, reduce signs of aging
clay masks are great. i have been a big fan of the @innisfreeusa volcanic collection, so when gifted this beauty by @kiki1038 i was SO EXCITED to give @blackoutmask a try.
i like the spout, especially because clay can be super messy, so bonus points there. the round package is also pretty unique! but the real reason this gets four stars? no clutter on the front! this is absolutely the cleanest packaging i’ve ever seen for a mask. i’m not confused. i know exactly what i’m putting on my face. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
aaand after going from chicago to san francisco to new york it got a few wrinkles. 😬
mask review up next. #feedherface


My favorite go-to clay mask is @blackoutmask! Has changed my skin texture completely, cannot live without it!

Step 1

Wash your face with a natural face cleanser and warm water. Ensure all make up and products are gently removed from the skin.

Cover the whole face with your aussie white clay + apricot mask

Step 2

Apply a generous amount of aussie white clay + apricot face mask to application brush and paint entire face - avoiding the eye area.

Step 3

Leave the mask to dry for 20 minutes. You will notice our clay mask does not set hard, so we can still move your face - yay! Feel free to use this time as a little time out to relax. Options for relaxing include; taking a bath, sipping on a glass of bubbles, reading a book or simply watching an episode on Netflix.

Spend your 20 minutes waiting for the mask to dry to relax or have a glass of bubbles

Step 4

Rinse off mask using luke warm water and our disposable towels (designed for a mess free masking experience).

Step 5

Enjoy tight, hydrated, refreshed skin. Be your incredible, clearer self.