Blackout Mask - wipe off towels 8 pack
wipe off towels
wipe off towels

wipe off towels

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We wanted Blackout Mask to be easy, mess-free and quick to remove so we created the perfect partner – a small, disposable towel that does wonders when it comes to wiping off your mask. 

Containing eight disposable, 100% cotton tablet towels - simply run under water and watch them grow. 

100% pure cotton 

Step 1

Pop one tablet out from the packet and run under warm water.

Cover the whole face with your wipe off towels

Step 2

Watch the tablet grow, expand and turn into a full size face washer towel.

Step 3

Use towel to wipe off your mask, rinsing multiple times if needed.

Spend your 20 minutes waiting for the mask to dry to relax or have a glass of bubbles

Step 4

Once your mask is completely off, dispose of towel in the bin. (Don’t worry they are environmentally friendly).

Step 5

Enjoy tight, hydrated, refreshed skin. Be your incredible, clearer self.